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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Charlotte Russe Bustier White dress (Ready Stock)

Stock Clearance Price
Now RM44

perfect cutting for curvier ladies♥

lovely fabric, not sheer at all.

This is original Charlotte Russe Dress. Imported.

Unlike normal white dress that are made of sheer fabrics, this piece does not look sheer at all.
Comes with inner lining.

beautiful feminine floral details

Measurement: (all measured flat,before stretch )

size 11: Bust 37 inch/ 96cm - suitable for ladies with bigger bust! including padding! yay! :D a bit stretchable; Lower bust 32", 81.5cm; Hips is unlimited..... Really wide... Fit uk size 12- 16 nicely!!

size 13: Bust 37 inch/96cm (not yet stretch, it follows ur curves)- suitable for ladies with bigger bust- yes including padding inside! Stretchable; lower bust 33.5 inch, hips unlimited, really suits plus size nicely :)

Stock Clearance Price
Now RM44
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PlusClothingExpert said...

Thanks for the post. The white dress is so lovely. I wanna checkout more of your plus size clothing online.

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